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IT IS TIME TO TEST DRIVE THE MG There’s no better way to really get to know if a vehicle is right for you than by taking it for a spin, so book your test drive with MG Motor today to arrange a date and time that suits you


MG Motor is a British-born automotive brand, 94 years young, it has been revived globally by the world’s 7th largest car manufacturer, SAIC Motor. With a rich heritage filled with iconic models, awards and achievements dating back to 1924, MG is best known for its two-seat open-top sports cars, as well as its saloons and coupes. The MG brand was founded 94 years ago by William Morris and Cecil Kimbers and has the oldest car club in the automotive industry. Since its acquisition of MG, SAIC Motor - a Global Top 500 company - has opened a new chapter in the British-born brand’s history and together they will continue to push the boundaries of design and innovation in the future. MG is more than an iconic octagonal badge; it is once again a motoring force to be reckoned with


BRITISH ICON For over 90 years MG has been making cars people love to drive. Grip the wheel of an MG and you can feel generations of good times built into its DNA. Cecil Kimber ( 1888-1945), Morris Garages sales manager, wanted to make modified Morris cars that were faster and sportier.
MG CAR CLUB The MG Car Club is the original club for MG owners, based in the heart of MG country, Abingdon in Oxfordshire. We are a not for profit organisation, with nine full time staff, and a worldwide membership of 50,000 enthusiasts. We welcome every type of MG, from the very first cars to the very latest.
MG MOTOR SPORT With its innovative style, rich heritage and passion, MG Motor continue to inject fun into the life of the motorist. MG is here to make a difference to its customer and to the industry. The brand has and will continue to offer its drivers a unique and special experience.